Easiest Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

Easiest Chocolate Mud Cake

This is one of the BEST and EASIEST Chocolate Mud Cakes that you will ever make.  The texture is moist like chocolate velvet and practically melts in your mouth.  You can decorate it any which way you like, whether it be a plain chocolate ganache, a wedding cake (with marzipan), dress it up as a Birthday Cake, a Special Occasion Cake or just have it plain with a dollop of fresh cream on the side.  It’s one of the few recipes that brings to mind two words … Chocolate … Perfection.

I originally came across this recipe whilst searching for something altogether different and it’s become a favorite ever since.  The recipe for this Chocolate Mud Cake can be found here by Mindy Moo at Best Recipes.  Please note a little adjustment though … Substitute the hot water for milk for a much richer flavor.

Bon Appetite

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