Magic Chocolate Flan Cake

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  1. George Angelo says:

    Yes,im wh u eating condense milk right from the can!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Justbunnylove says:

    When she put the chocolate part on the bottom when it appears wouldn’t it
    be on the top when she flipped it over not on the bottom? Sorry if that was
    confusing but please respond.

  3. Noor Hajani says:

    Does it have to be in a bun pan or can I try making it in a
    regular springform pan ?

  4. Zaynab Schmidt says:

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING?! Do you? 🙂 Hahaha!

  5. fabulous7 says:

    I wanted to reply to someone’s comment (but somehow I don’t have that
    option) about how “it’s not called ‘cajeta,’ but ‘dulce de leche.'” They’re
    two different things…. cajeta is Mexican and dulce de leche is more South
    American. They’re similar, but cajeta is made from goat’s milk, so the
    flavor is more complex. 

  6. soidukaart says:

    Hey Laura! What to do if my country doesnt have evaporated milk anywhere?
    But I really need to make the cake. HELP!! How can I replace it?

  7. you look great 

  8. You’re pouring the water too fast, Laura, that’s why it’s dripping all over
    your kitchen floor. Took me about two years to figure that out with my
    electic kettle, which also has a narrow pouring lip.

  9. Dada090986 says:

    tried did this last night but i failed, i dont know what happened. i follow
    all your instructions, but after 1 hr and 10 mins of cooking and have it
    cool off completely, as soon as i take off the bundt pan, the flan part
    fall apart and looks like its not cooked, looks so liquid, its all a
    mess..really.. i dont know sad.. 

  10. Kimberly Tran says:

    My dad ate condensed milk out of the can before he went vegan

  11. Ria Dole says:

    How can it be that she pours the chocopart in the bottom, and when she
    flips it it is in the top? Well, it’s pretty cool!

  12. Jessica Andrea says:

    This is called flancocho in Puerto Rico. Loveeeeeee it

  13. isa martinez says:

    I made this the other day and baked it for about an hour and a half, the
    cake was done the knife I inserted came out clean so I let it cool over
    night and sliced it the next day but when I took a bite of the flan part it
    was kind of mushy and didn’t have the flan texture… So I was wondering if
    it was undercooked or did I use to much of something???? Please help

  14. Zara Ubaldo says:

    Chocoflan is one of my favourite desserts and I would Really recomend to
    use cajeta. It’s delicious and once you try it you’ll be eating it directly
    from the bottle as well 

  15. lubna safi says:

    hi laura i tried your chocoflan but it didnt come right the flan was mushy
    and the one tea spoon of salt is too much the cake was so salty im sad
    because the cake went to the garbage 🙁


  16. Harry de Aphrodite Vietnam says:

    I smiled at this video – your personality is fantastic which convinces many
    people to your recipe

  17. Gabriela Pavaneli says:

    Hi Laura!!! Here in Brasil, condensed milk is very popular, and everyone
    eats it out of the can, although, they won´t admit it… And there´s a very
    unique desert we make it with, it´s called BRIGADEIRO, you should try it
    sometime, it´s really easy to make… Love your videos!!!

  18. dudlyO'Shaughnessy says:

    this girl put me in a good mood 🙂 cant wait to try the recipe

  19. Leslie valadez says:

    Im on your side laura 

  20. Kimora82 says:

    Hi laura!! I’m making your chocoflan RIGHT now!!! First time making it! And
    i truly trust your word when it comes to your recipes! I’ve done several
    ones!! Thanks a lot! We say hi from las vegas nv

  21. micamonster89 says:

    We make this chocoflan all the time you don’t have to pour hot water it can
    be at any temperature.. Maybe that’s why this cake came out w streaks of
    flan on the outside (started the cooking process before it finished going
    all the way thrue) you should have a clean finish outside and inside 

  22. Missy Mockingjay says:

    How did the cake end up at the bottom when you poured it so that it would
    be at the top (touching the caramel)???

  23. Clarisse Payabyab says:

    I like eating the condence milk mmmmmm yummy :D

  24. Anna Tran says:

    Make macaron laura 

  25. Elisa Muñiz says:

    I love chocoflaaaan