German Chocolate Cake Paula Deen

Make a decadent chocolate dessert that takes only minutes to make. This video is part of Paula’s Home Cooking show hosted by Jamie Deen, Paula Deen . SHOW DESCRIPTION :With small-town life as her inspiration, Paula Deen brings uncomplicated and delicious home cooking to a series dedicated to the American traditions. Whether it’s her stories or her recipes from her country kitchen, Paula has always had a gift for lifting spirits.


  1. Ahhh! I love Paula!!!!!! The best!

  2. I would of love to see the final result, but guess I’ll have to see it for

  3. Meowmie707 says:

    I’ve been making this for many years and the crews (men) I make it for just
    do not believe how easy it is to make until someone walks in and sees me
    making it. They clean it UP! Especially in the summer months. This is a
    GREAT recipe!

  4. Emily Larson says:

    @boxer301977, then I apolagize for assuming that from your angry comment.
    Anyways, a slice of cake once a week won’t kill you. Yes, people should
    excersize more, but that doesn’t mean that people should not be able to eat
    some desserts once in awhile, and not just eat the high chemical frozen
    dinners that are “Low calorie”. It’s really sad you know, how since you
    can’t stick up for yourself in real life that you have to make a fool out
    of yourself on the internet calling people names.

  5. Emily Larson says:

    @boxer301977 , Think whatever you want that will make you sleep at night
    buddy. But in reality, your the dumb one.

  6. Emily Larson says:

    @boxer301977 , By bye racist dumbass.

  7. Emily Larson says:

    @boxer301977 , calling someone redneck is very racist. Also, nah, I’m full
    from dinner.

  8. Emily Larson says:

    @boxer301977 , No, I’m a girl. Also, I had salad for dinner.

  9. umbrellapropeller says:

    Looks sooooo good. I can’t wait to make this, especially since its so quick
    to make. And all you people complaining that it’s unhealthy- DUH! It’s a
    dessert! Any idiot knows not to eat an entire casserole dish worth of
    sweets for dinner unless you want to level your ass up. It’s okay to have
    something to indulge in every now and then, especially if its a special
    occasion or you are spending time with people you care about.

  10. Punkrocker5100 says:

    Paula Deen is the Butta Queen!!! LoL!!!!

  11. Kylestyle05 says:

    @boxer301977 Wait so, it’s other people fault that other people are fat?
    WOW. There is thing is life called a choice. Quit blaming food network. If
    people want to eat mcdonalds all day thats their business not yours.
    Control and mind your life and business.

  12. “we just goin drHIzzle it… over those graham crHAAAckers” lol she sure
    gets excited about food

  13. MistressCheii says:

    Is it wrong that I want a LAYER not a “Drizzle of Chocolate? XD

  14. Toshira Matsukaze says:

    It sounded like she got an orgasm while spreading that chocolate

  15. hoteliwinshowcases (Marisa G.) says:

    It’s The Paula “Butter” Deen.

  16. AWickedMind says:

    I am so going to try this, except I think I’ll crumble the graham crackers
    because it seems like it’d be a pain trying to get a scoop outta that and
    pulling up all these long overlayered crackers.

  17. felisdomesticus5676 says:

    ok… those eggs are totally raw!!! 🙁

  18. sarah smith says:

    i think its kwel that she can just pour straight from the bottle and know
    how much it is or has a very good estimate

  19. mommyandmissy says:

    My aunt meek this its so good

  20. dont be rude–stfu judgement passage repentage thx loveugodbless tj
    kabbalah matthewshepard madonnalicious

  21. rude

  22. stinkycatz says:

    Love you Paula

  23. MaryMonster says:

    4:34 (cough cough, that’s what he said…)

  24. YuriDiculous says:

    becaws LOLOLOL

  25. Daniel Miranda says:

    I would have liked to have seen the finished product…What’s the point of
    watching the entire process?!