Chocolate Cake Nutrition

My very favorite skit from “Bill Cosby, Himself”


  1. John Philips Nufable says:

    just Bill Cosby

  2. Dan Pritchett says:

    In honor of Bill Cosby’s birthday, a tribute to breakfast…

    #billcosby #humor 

  3. Motavis Jones says:
  4. Kim Cockrill says:

    Bill Cosby and Breakfast too frigging funny 

  5. Robert Konigsberg says:

    Viz. conversation with +Caryn Ragsdale, here’s a handy, quick recipe for

  6. Thomas Quintana says:

    Viz. conversation with +Caryn Ragsdale, here’s a handy, quick recipe for

  7. Becca Peters says:

    Guess who didn’t make it to the store yesterday to restock the cat food
    inventory? *This* guy. Biscuit got served a bowl full of treats for

  8. Kori Dawn says:

    In honor of +Danielle JMe 

  9. Kris Freedain says:

    Dad is great… give us chocolate cake…. 

  10. Joannah Miley says:

    Laughing and thinking of +Amanda June Hagarty 

  11. A Wild Psyduck says:

    “Grapefruit juice!”
    *crowd is like, ‘eww, grapefruit juice’*
    “… This is not your child!”
    He then proceeds to smile that great comedian smile, meaning that he
    himself knows that he just created comedy gold on the spot.

  12. Erin Joiner says:

    +Amanda Heersink 

  13. paul romero says:

    +Amanda Heersink 

  14. Denzel Lamar says:

    +Amanda Heersink 

  15. Love, Abby says:

    I would love to watch this video just zoomed in on his eyebrows. That’s
    where the magic happens.

  16. Mike Norton says:

    Chocolate Cake!!!

  17. Gina Drayer says:

    Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

  18. That’s nutrition!

  19. TheDisneyLover Dubose says:

    I love you bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im only 13 but I cant get
    enough of your funniness

  20. Joseph Morris says:


  21. Rosemary Fusca says:

    Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Anyone? This timeless skit of Bill Cosby
    always puts a smile on my face!

  22. hanshotfirst1138 says:

    And my wife sent me TO MY ROOM! Which is where I wanted to go in the first

  23. Motavis Jones says:
  24. carol west says:

    “Happy Birthday Bill” I will never forget this hilarious skit. It will go
    down in history.