Chocolate Cake In A Mug

Does the thought of baking a chocolate pudding conjure up images of effort, time and mess… but you still want to treat yourself? Then our no-bake option is ready in minutes and perfect to snuggle up to in front of the TV as the nights draw in.

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  1. Annalisa Gentili says:


  2. Bethany Murison says:

    I made these with my guides and the leaders didn’t cook them properly so we
    couldn’t eat them

  3. OMGosh. Captions are hilarious! 0:38 is the best :)

  4. I made it, but it was a bit dry and chewy. Played around with different
    times and measurements but I couldn’t quite find the one to rival your
    cake. Oh well, I’ll try again next time!

  5. Godrulesandanimals2 says:

    your measurements are a little off. i made this and it was spongy but
    extremely dry and overcooked. 2 1/2 minutes is way too long, i’ll try it
    for 1:45 or 2 minutes next time. and also, needed more sugar too. was a
    little plain and simple. meh.

  6. odiri king says:

    When i made it i used the exact same measurements and it was enough to feed
    four people!

  7. Florence Maisons says:

    #_# sexy guy !

  8. Lauren Burnett says:

    I don’t like coffee. So can I just leave out?

    Also I don’t suggest watching something this yummy while waiting for dinner
    to cook. I’m so hungry. 

  9. Sally Pritchett says:


  10. DeeDee570 says:

    This came out perfect for me. A little dry but still yummy!

  11. Kelly Smulian says:

    Rubbery for me

  12. I did this at home, but with a bit different recipe. It wasn’t as good as
    normal cake, but I’m gonna try again with this recipe. That looks so much

  13. Vic Chaotic says:

    I replaced the tsp of instant coffee with a tbsp of nutella and omitted the
    chocolate chips and it was absolutely decadent, well done, Sorted!

  14. RaynbowSurfer says:

    I made it today for my parents…my dad didn’t die, so it’s a great recipe!
    It actually tastes good, and I didn’t use coffee powder so it tasted good
    without it!

  15. Andrea Veitch says:

    what if you don’t have a microwave?

  16. AJsparTaN64 says:

    Chef John’s recipe over at food wishes is better. It is so moist just like
    chocolate cake should be and only takes 45 seconds in the microwave

  17. Travis Ross says:

    If you don’t have cocoa… you could always try using hot chocolate mix. It
    already has sugar in it too. :)

  18. ReecePlaysGames says:

    i forgot the milk but it tastes good enough!!

  19. Julie Rainey says:

    Do you have to use self raising flour?

  20. Jinnysworld says:

    Cake in a mug = AMAZING quick cake fix, but apparently (if you believe
    other receipes on the web) nearly 500 calories each, so very bad for
    dieters. Lol.
    However what stood out for me (but then I do have contamination OCD) was,
    the guy licking his finger, wiping it on his cloth, then 2 & half minutes
    later – with the same finger!!!! – the guy tapping the top of the lady’s
    cake (I presume it was for her to consume?). Just Ewwwww!!!!!! All round
    I really do love your channel, but guys please…keep in mind basic food
    hygiene!!! :

  21. troufatha atha says:

    Hey you at the right, your phone now :P

  22. Nora ELF says:

    I tried to make it but it was like a jellie and tasted horrible 

  23. brianna tracey says:

    Do I have to use cocoa

  24. rashmi kshetri says:

    I dont have cocoa, can i use melted chocolate or anything else? 

  25. Madeline Elmore says:

    Is that powdered sugar or granulated sugar?