Bill Cosby Chocolate Cake Youtube

From the award winning director of “Free Delivery”, “Present From the Past”, and “Over the Hill” comes a lively family comedy that proves once and for all, that you can have your cake and eat it too. A charismatic Brodie Perry and a hilariously stern Brooke Bang star as the parents of a brood of precocious youngsters (wonderfully played by Dilyn Anderson, Conner Fay, Stetson Bowler, Shane Hecksel, and Haylee Bennett) who will do anything to acquire the breakfast they so desperately crave. Producers Caitlin Clementson, Sheldon Demke, and Adam Mast proudly present a charming short film made up of 3 of the 5 major food groups.


  1. Lauren Bowler says:


  2. Sheldon Demke says:

    Deliciously good! 

  3. Ray Woodcock says:

    Great enactment!

  4. labfish198 says:

    Very cute and still very funny!!

  5. Sarah Gibby says:

    Excellent film. You are very talented!!

  6. Juan Montes says:

    This needs more views than it has. That was great! Good Job!

  7. Taylor Mesple says:

    A great new take on a Bill Cosby classic.