Chocolate Cake Icing Recipe

In this video we’ll show you how to make chocolate buttercream from scratch for icing (frosting) a cake and how to apply the butter cream to the cake.

Simple Chocolate Buttercream Recipe Ingredients:
1/2 cup butter (120g)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract (10mL)
3 cups icing sugar (300g)
1/2 cup milk (use as needed) (120mL)
1/3 cup cocoa (35g)

Watch how the make the homemade chocolate cake used in this video here:

Metric Conversion:

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  1. Veronica Razo says:

    i love it, thanks for the awesome recipe!!

  2. May I know how stable is the frosting I’m in humid country…

  3. Look great thank for sharing

  4. Loved it! Can’t stop watching your videos, thank you for all the awesome
    recipes. ♥

  5. shreelaxmi1000 says:

    hi, great video! isn’t that too much sugar? or we have to add that much
    sugar to make a firm icing? I once made buttercream frosting and it was way
    too sweet I couldn’t eat it :(

  6. jude khdeer says:

    I only used 3tb of milk and it went awesome when I frosted my cake

  7. Marie Lonergan says:

    my little girl wanted to make a chocolate cake for her teacher and now
    shes sitting at the table making it 

  8. Narinder Parihar says:

    Will regular sugar work ?

  9. Do you have to use that exact handle for the mixer? Can you use the regular

  10. Teena Niktash says:

    I tried this and the texture was a bit grainy even though i used icing
    sugar. Any advice? 🙂 

  11. vanessa perez says:

    I have a question . I have a 9inch round pan . I want to make a two tier
    cake , what is the best size round cake to put on top and how much would
    you think that would feed? thanks . :)))

  12. Lindsay Nelson says:

    I found that it was easier to frost cake when the cake was frozen , and I
    had done the frosting a couple days ahead of time as it was hard as a rock
    from being in the fridge so I put it in the microwave for less then 40 sec
    and whipped it again it worked but the frosting hardened fast , which
    worked for me cause I was able to pour Ganache over it right after the
    Ganache was cooled down , however this way looks way better thanks for the

  13. Marina Lazarovska says:

    I really hope no one has asked this before b/c i really need an answer from
    someone who knows their craft: would it be possible to substitute some of
    the icing sugar w/ something else, corn starch maybe? I made this recipe
    few days back and it was almost sickling sweet :S and I loooooove
    buttercream (mind you, i do not reside anywhere on the northern hemisphere,
    so if there is a simple solution, i’m all ears!”

  14. Fatima Farha says:

    I ran out of cocoa and only have nesquik choco powder …..what do I

  15. Fatima Farha says:

    Btw I loved ur video cuz it showed step to step process…..thank you

  16. Can you use this on a chocolate biscuit cake before putting fondant on
    it??? Please reply :)

  17. kawaiilandfilms says:

    could we just use regular sugar? 🙂 and is there any thing to replace
    vanilla extract?

  18. Zoe Jones says:

    Can you use choclate chips, like melted, and get the same or similar taste
    or turn outs?

  19. Alex wilson says:

    Where would you get the cake spinner? Trade Me? Amazon?
    I is kinda hard since I live in New Zealand

  20. FallenAngel2406 says:

    will it be better if you add melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder (or

  21. stormyweather rain says:

    Great video’s…after you have frosting the cake with buttercream can I
    then cover the cake with chocolate glaze?

  22. Xavier Asuncion says:

    Hello, how to avoid dome for baking chocolate cake?

  23. Doris Amtmann says:

    Should I use unsweetened coco powder or an instant one? can anyone help me
    please ;-)

  24. Can I use any kind of milk?

  25. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    Can it be regular sugar.