Chocolate Cake Recipe

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Simple Chocolate cake. This is my “go to” Chocolate Cake. I make it for family dinners, birthdays, and everything in between. I really like the combination of two types of chocolate. Unsweetened cocoa powder is used in the chocolate cake and a dark chocolate (semi sweet or bittersweet) is used in the frosting.

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  1. Alex Labarda says:

    thanks for the tips! good recipe

  2. This looks delicious, a quick question, the coffee can be instant coffee or
    it has to be natural coffee? 

  3. marta gil-vaz says:

    Hello Mrs Jaworski, i have baked your recipe twice now and i plan to bake
    it again, it comes out so moist and light, very tasty, not too sweet
    allowing you to add more frosting for the sweetness and it did stay fresh
    and moist for a good part of the week, ok i lie we ate it before the end of
    the week 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your skills.

  4. Great recipe. Can one use Stevia or xylitol as a subsitute for the sugar ? 

  5. MrLinushka says:

    if i pore all the thing to 26 cm spring from pan i’ll have a lot of batter?

  6. UrbanSurvivor says:

    im fan of chocolate cake

  7. sanaz hajjami says:

    i did it and it was my first time i cook a cake!!!! it came soooo fluffy
    and so yummy ! i never saw a cake like this! so moist so delicious!!! love
    this recipe!

  8. Mortal Fan says:

    Will this work in a 13 x 9 pan

  9. Raz Toeg says:

    this seems literally fool proof, lol lets hope i dont mess it up

  10. Khadidja Amel says:

    gonna try that tonight :D

  11. nothingtowear says:

    I LOVE that you convert the volumes to european measurments!! Thank you! It
    can get so tricky otherwise.

  12. Blair Fowler says:

    Can you taste the coffee? I’m not a huge coffee fan but I heard it brings
    out the chocolate but you don’t taste it

  13. iHamster says:

    Can I use anise

  14. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Hi. I have a question. I am making 4 round cakes for a party, but I am
    making them 10 inches. What modifications do I need to make this recipe to
    fit the 10 in pan?

  15. Stephanie Lapena says:

    this tasted soooo good! remains moist all the time! Best chocolate cake
    I’ve ever made! :)

  16. blueboi05 says:

    17:05 “I like to store it in the cake..”
    I guess Stephanie was thinking about having more cake. :p

  17. Brianna Vazquez says:

    OMG I JUST MADE THIS AND OHHHH MYY GOOOSSHH!!!! I bought the frosting but
    still so good! I also forgot to put warm coffee and it still came out good

  18. Rheanna Howell says:

    try her out she explains the videos slow and steady again i say do not eat
    if hungry

  19. I’m going to try to bake your cake…I’ve attempted several times in the
    past & failed..I mean failed horribly nastily my cake went into the trash!
    So but I don’t know maybe I’ll try again..

  20. Raeziel Gallegos says:

    what if I’m using a rectangular shaped cake pan? what size of cake pan
    should I use for this whole recipe?

  21. Shackz Stewey says:

    I have sweetened cocoa powder, can that be use instead?

  22. frenaloveschocolate says:

    Hi everyone. For those who have made this cake before, is it nicer to taste
    when you add coffee or warm water? Thank you

  23. Jawad Abidi says:

    how long does it take for the chocolate to reach room temperature after
    melting it? Thanks!