Quick Mix Chocolate Cake Recipe

Delicious Chocolate sponge cake recipe. A must try !



  1. Janani Karthik says:

    can we make this cake without egg? wats the replacement for eggs?

  2. Hi Janani, usually eggs are the best option to give make spongy cakes.
    However if you don’t want to use them, baking powder and baking soda (half
    teaspn each) will work.

  3. Sapna Mehta says:

    What is the difference between normal chocolate cake and this cake?

  4. pinkybutterfly25 says:

    Hi Sapna,Sponge

  5. pinkybutterfly25 says:

    Hi Sapna, sponge cakes a lighter in texture.

  6. pinkybutterfly25 says:


  7. The only difference between sponge cake and normal cake is that sponge
    cakes have no icing or frosting on them where as other ‘normal’ cakes have
    icing, ganache frosting etc. The texture remains the same in both cases.

  8. Vaaish Potter says:

    Thanks for this video!! I will try it

  9. Vanessa Coutinho says:

    Can I use caster sugar