German Chocolate Cake Kraft

One of the winning videos in the Kraft Cooking Video Challenge.

This recipe comes from The ingredient list is short and inexpensive, the prep/cooking time is only about 20 minutes, and the final product is very impressive. Just don’t eat things like this every day.

The volume is really low on this video. Sorry.


  1. Michael's Home Cooking says:

    the color from your camera is amazingly good.

  2. Michael's Home Cooking says:

    another winner, nice touches with the Ritz in the background and the
    advertising of the products more than once. They will love you!

  3. iamthephilman says:

    Dude, thanks for the nice comment on my video. I hope we’re not going
    head-to-head with the tiramisu one, because I saw this video of yours
    yesterday and thought it was great–very well done, great shots and
    narration–in fact, it inspired me to throw mine together: i.e. maybe the
    non-traditional not-a-real-cook guy has a chance in this contest!!! Thanks,
    and I hope you walk away with at least a grand!!!

  4. braceface11414 says:

    GREAT JOB!!! five stars!

  5. simplekidscrafts says:

    Amazing job very very professional 5*s! def in my favorites!

  6. VentolinFreak says:

    Awesome video! I’ll be sure to try it, now that I’ve heard a viewer’s

  7. katrulez1000 says:

    amazing video!!!!!! so professional!

  8. i tried it but i used a medium oven proof glass bowl cause i could not find
    ramekins or custard cups in the store so where did you purchase yours?

  9. zacharyzachary says:

    I’m pretty sure they came from Target, but I don’t really remember.

  10. for about how much do you remember that? lol

  11. zacharyzachary says:

    It couldn’t have been very much. They came in a pack of 4, with plastic
    lids. I would guess that the pack cost less than $10. I just took a look at
    them, and I can’t tell what brand they are, but they are 6 oz. and I think
    they are similar to what you can find on Target’s website if you search for
    “glass ramekin bowl.”

  12. ok thank you very much!