Chocolate Cake Box Recipe

This is my first time baking, decorating & taping at the same time while handling a 2 yr old 🙂 I made a candy box themed cake for my husband for Valentine’s Day as he simply loves Chocolate like all of us 🙂 Since it was a surprise I had to bake it while my son was awake.Thank God for Sesame street n coloring pages which kept my son busy for most of the time.
I am hoping this to be helpful and am sure you all will do a better job at this than what I was able to do with a short amount of time in my hands.


  1. Great tutorial Sabna!

  2. cakedecolover says:

    Thanks Nivia 🙂

  3. Danielle Emeny says:

    Nice job!! Hope you had a very Happy Valentines Day! x

  4. cakedecolover says:

    Thanks Danielle.We did have a nice Valentine, hope you did too 🙂

  5. italianscorpio89 says:

    this was great! i love the idea! i enjoyed watching the video!!! thank you
    so much for posting this!

  6. Andi Valentine says:

    how exactly did you make the candy is it just chocolate or cake?

  7. Its chocolate, melt your fav choc and pour on molds and refigerate.I used a
    heart mold and piped some colored choco on top.Hope this helped

  8. learningcakes says:

    bakerella’s! i made this on valenines day..epic failure:( i ended up making
    cake pops out of the cake..hope i watched your video before..made me
    understand it more..anyway..there’s still a next year.haha!

  9. stigmii says:

    too much bla bla bla and little demonstration

  10. MiMIxlovesutoomuch58 says:

    elmo in the back ground ha ha ha ha

  11. Your cakes are absolutly beautiful… love the lady bug one…I can hardley
    forst a cake let alone do Fondant..I wished I had some of your skill with
    cakes… I was wondering though, Would there be any way you would be
    willing to do some recipe tuterials on the fillings and Ganaches you do
    your cakes with? The raspberry filling sounds delicious and I would love to
    learn how to make it.. Thanks so much -Angie

  12. The Fakey Cake Maker says:

    Nice but a very faffy way to do something rather simple…

  13. therookiebaker says:

    This is one of the best cakes ever! Great job! 🙂

  14. therookiebaker says:

    I did a cake similar to this, if you want, check out my channel to see how
    it looks.