Chocolate Box Cake Mix Recipes

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  1. deepak menro says:


  2. ansbach74 says:

    I didn’t know that flax seed make an item hard after refrigerating. Why did
    you use warm instead of cold water/room temperature water? Thanks for

  3. asianlite6 says:

    Hi Sister, lovely cake!!! You always make cakes to perfect….Which one is
    better either home made cake mix or ready made cake mix?Will try this…you
    look very cute n young in this outfit n your hairdo is great….god bless
    you my sister..:)

  4. TUCKER ZONE says:

    Thank you bhavana.

  5. Sam020279 says:

    Keep up presenting yourself so fluent like this… thumbs up! ­čśë

  6. aathompson19 says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you:)

  7. anamikaa says:

    In indian terms it is called completely vegetarian, and Bhavna is coming
    from an Indian Vegetarian context! In India many people are vegetarian who
    have milk and milk products but no egg.

  8. anamikaa says:

    Oh, I just realised your shirt is matching the cake tin! And I am amazed
    how you have changed the recipe and made it work – I always end up
    searching for recipes where I can just use arrowroot flour or cornflour to
    replace one or two eggs in the recipe. Really very good video Bhavna.

  9. allan cherian says:

    Thumbs up

  10. vj0509 says:

    excellent! will try this.. where did u buy the chocolate coated

  11. Jaymini Patel says:

    Hi Bhavna, Thank you for sharing this video, i wanted to know how much does
    your 1 cup equal to as i am in the UK. I know UK and USA cup sizes are
    different. Thanks

  12. RAINDROP2427 says:

    great tips…thanx a ton

  13. Thejaswini Boyalla says:

    Is yogurt should be in room temperature or is it ok if it is cool ? Pls
    reply soon

  14. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    Everything should be room temperature.

  15. shubha shankari manjunath says:

    Hi bhavana! How is the experiment going on for garlic bread and chocolate

  16. Mousumi Swain says:

    thanks bhavna…this is the perfect recipe i was looking for….it came
    with exact shape & texture.. its really easy & awesome…

  17. Nisha Patel says:

    Hi Bhavna, if i want to use flax seeds powder, should i use 1-1/2 tbsp flax
    seed powder and 3 tbsp warm water? Plz reply soon

  18. jtndrptl34 says:


  19. Taste was great but my cake did not come out as whole when I flipped it. It
    was broken and crumbled at bottom. I used all ingredient and measurement
    per video. Why did it happen

  20. ayesha tanveer says:

    can i refridgerate the cake aftr i put the icing´╗┐

  21. Vinay Bassi says:

    how much yougurt do we out in>´╗┐

  22. Hi Bhavna, can I use condensed milk as an egg replacer. If yes, then how
    much for 1 pack of betty crocker’s cake mix? Thanks´╗┐

  23. Thank you for your reply. I baked this cake using ready mix, following your
    recipe, on my husband’s birthday and it was superb. I also tried the sponge
    cake and it was fantastic too. Thanks a ton! You are too good!´╗┐

  24. Nidhi Shah says:

    Hey If I want to prepare chocolate cake for a party of 18 people. What
    would you suggest homemade / ready mix ? How many packets should I get for
    ready mix. If its homemade then should I double your measurement? I am a
    beginner at baking.
    Thank you.´╗┐

  25. Abisha Baleswaran says:

    won’t sour cream make it taste bad´╗┐