Chocolate Cake Ingredients

Here is the original from ochikeron:

Super easy Chocolate Cake. Just 2 ingredients.

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3 Eggs
165 Grams of Chocolate

How to:
0 – Preheat the oven at 180C or 383F
1 – Melt the chocolate in a double boiler
2 – Separate the eggs and whip the whites until they form stiff peaks.
3 – Add the egg yolks to the chocolate and mix well
4 – Add one third of the egg whites into the chocolate and mix with a whisk
5 – Add half of the remaining egg whites to the chocolate and mix with a spatula
6 – Add the remaining egg whites and mix well.
7- Pour the chocolate mixture into a cake pan and drop the cake pan from a height of 2-3 inches a few times to remove any excess bubbles
8 – Pop it into the oven and cook for 30-40 minutes
9 – Once it is cool enough to touch, place it on a wire rack to cool completely.

That’s it! Very easy and delicious.


  1. SangtotheDy says:

    Can you do this with Nutella? 🙂

  2. maya nieves says:


  3. HallOfFantasy says:

    I never tried this with Nutella so I cannot give you a good answer.

  4. Vivian Lau says:

    It works, check simplycookingchannel /watch?v=a54gZIZdsWQ 🙂

  5. SangtotheDy says:


  6. csdxfreshh says:

    How many cups of chocolate would that be?

  7. HallOfFantasy says:

    That is a good question… I don’t know, but 165 grams is 5.8 ounces. I
    hope that helps. Enjoy!

  8. Alvina Blah says:

    Um did u copy ochikeron

  9. HallOfFantasy says:

    Yep. I should have made a reference in the description. I just added it.

  10. Hershey Ford says:

    go to simplecookingchannel

  11. eternal bliss says:

    do you live in Japan? you got like Japanese cooking utensils lol

  12. Cindy Yuan says:

    Yea you can if you check the Simple Cooking channel it has it with nutella
    instead of chocolate

  13. HallOfFantasy says:

    Yep, in Tokyo.

  14. jasmine Hawtin says:

    I’ve tried making this cake and it is delicious 😉

  15. jasmine Hawtin says:

    Very yummy

  16. chocolate eggs

  17. HallOfFantasy says:


  18. Dinosaur eggs !! 🙂 Nice recipe.

  19. HallOfFantasy says:

    Yeah, I was surprised they did not crack easily. Thanks for watching.

  20. If I want to make cupcakes with this recipe, how long should I bake them
    and at what temperature, do you know ?

  21. HallOfFantasy says:

    I don’t know, but I suspect that it would be at the same temperature but
    around 20 minutes as the usual size of cupcakes is a lot smaller than a
    cake. Good luck with whatever you do!

  22. Miwako Sayumi says:


  23. foleverto says:

    ochikeron is one my fav you tube resepi channel..try most of the food and
    turn up to be delicious..

  24. Assila Jularbal says:


  25. Chanie Qolbu says:

    Looks yummy.. It be fine for people who had diabetes,use dark chocolate.
    Let’s try..