Chocolate Cake In Microwave

Rich delicious chocolate cake in microwave in just 5 minutes.
• 100 gm butter
• 3 tbsp Coco powder
• 150gm sugar
• 100 gm flour
• 2 eggs
• 1 tsp baking powder
• 1/2 cup milk


  1. Arijit Das says:

    Rich delicious chocolate cake in microwave in just 5 minutes.

  2. leonova shafik says:

    hi what is that tray called you used which you poured the mixure into
    I want to make this cake as my mums birthday is coming up. you have been
    very helpful
    Thanks :-D

  3. Anita Gupta says:

    Can u pls help me with temperature on microwave as to wat temp n mode shud
    I bake my cake plssss

  4. Jessica Rahman says:

    hello there, can i use ghee instead of butter?? if yes then what should be
    the amount? thanks in advance…:)

  5. tabinda aslam says:

    Thnks 4 the recipe. I baked yesterday it was delicious

  6. Aniket Amdekar says:

    Good recepie! But the oven’s dont really have enough place for any cake to

  7. gourav sarker says:

    Is it applicable for any microwave or which has convection facility?

  8. roopchand ps says:

    Sharmila…can we cut down the eggs to two and add more milk. And could you
    suggest some toppings?

  9. jaishree R says:

    Microwave mode.?

  10. Shimmer Afridi says:

    The recipe is very easy… Will definitely try someday n let u.know

  11. Rahul Das says:

    would the gems added in them will melt or not

  12. Isha Noor says:

    in place of butter can we use oil ,if yes which type of oil and the amount
    of it

  13. Emil Alex says:

    So cool !! Only microwave, i make this recipe and I olso add chocolate

  14. asha l says:

    hi Sharmila.. we made the cake it was sooo good.. thanks :)

  15. VIVEKANANDA B says:

    Where are the gems disappear. 

  16. syed maazuddin says:

    is vanilla essence is important in this cake???….plzz reply fast 2 days
    left for birthday please u will be helpful plzzz..

  17. serena angel says:

    can we put the cake in the oven instead of the microwave

    sorry for my bad English :/

    i really want to make that cake

    please reply

  18. Pedro Loco says:

    what a very good accent 

  19. Venkat Rao says:

    is the butter salted or unsalted?

  20. navisthedarklord says:

    the butter in the eggs and sugar is also grease and prevents it from
    doubling in volume!

  21. Nafhan Naeem says:

    Hi i made it it`s very nice.we enjoy it.thanx.

  22. Lilli Petersen says:

    i like this :)

  23. Angelica Calvo says:

    Hi sharmila i just want to ask how much cup/s is 100 gm and 150 gm..pls
    reply.. :)

  24. mansi saxena says:

    I don’t have baking powder, can I use any alternative like baking soda, or
    anything that I readily have at home?

  25. Divya Rawa says:

    me and my mother made this cake 🙂 it came out pretty nice and delicous
    thank you for sharing this sweet recipe