Chocolate Cake Icing From Scratch

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  1. ReiReiAiko says:

    Does it still taste good without the espresso ?

  2. jimsher9880 says:

    This looks like it would go well over ice cream. 

  3. AsianboyMandude says:

    dont have most of the ingrediants

  4. shreelaxmi1000 says:

    there are many better recipes without corn don’y have to use it

  5. Arbish Shah says:

    pause at 3:26

  6. Grace Villa says:

    hi laura, what can i use in place of corn syrup. thanks happy baking!!!

  7. Destiny Slater says:

    when she mentioned best of both worlds i started singing Hannah Montana

  8. How much do you use of each ingredient ? 

  9. OMGitsjulies says:

    3:17 lol

  10. nice cholate with noughty lady…

  11. Itati Aparicio says:

    I love this chocolate

  12. stefanie rma says:

    Any Alternative than Corn Syrup?

  13. Zachary LaSpina says:

    I love that wisk type stirring tool. Where can I get one?

  14. leslie vazquez says:


  15. Christian Guardado says:

    +stefanie rma maybe you can use maple syrup

  16. Sophie Park says:

    this cant hold piping designs

  17. Luluh Bagabas says:

    Can i uese milk chocolate 

  18. Makilyaa Aravinthan says:

    Where can i buy the piping bags

  19. brianna adams says:

    i made it and so good

  20. Holly Hamilton says:

    Please do cake pops!

  21. Sofia Hoffman says:

    has anyone done this?i would like to know if it’s good for pipping?i would
    like to decotare cupcakes with it.thank you

  22. Angela Garza says:

    Pause 00..46

  23. Gilda Manaig says:

    It looks like a ganache

  24. bui trang kim yen says:

    Can i put it on my panna cotta :3

  25. Michele Zina says:

    Please don’t call it chocolate if it is NOT……. (mocha fudge)