Chocolate Cake Frosting

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Take your chocolate cake, vanilla cake or marble cake to the next level with this smooth and rich chocolate frosting (icing) recipe. A few ingredients and a few minutes will leave you wondering why you’ve been using store bought frosting.


  1. Its looking Yummy!!!!! what is the purpose of adding sour cream??? does it
    make any difference if doesn’t add the sour cream in it????

  2. cheskydivision says:

    Its been so long since I’ve seen and a cooked frosting.. Its the way my mom
    always used to do it.

  3. SuperRainbowPride says:

    I have a Q why does the liquid have to be add on the stove and the vanilla
    add last?

  4. Manal Al wael says:

    Good jop

  5. leiaparker90 says:

    I should try! Looks good.

  6. yaowares kutti says:

    thanks i will try with this 1 day 🙂

  7. yourblankpromise says:

    Can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do curry fried rice ?? Please & thank you
    !! <333 Thumbs up so they could see ?

  8. barkas mahesh says:

    wish u happy new year anuja and hetal family…i wish u loads of happiness
    to both of ur families…love your recipes byeee

  9. Namrata Daswani says:

    Hi, Can this frosting be frozen for later use?

  10. TheZipster09 says:

    Looks just like chocolate ganache which is much easier to make.

  11. Pravin Pathak says:

    Sir.I am from kosamba.and living at M.P. At Khandwa.Iwant to do busness of
    patco product at khandwa.

  12. Seidi Renkola says:

    can i use sweet cacao?

  13. can i eat that?

  14. dvaishnavik says:

    hey what’s the substitute for sour cream?

  15. avatarnemo1 says:

    My friend’s birthday is coming up, so this will come in handy… thank you!

  16. Akhila Reddy says:

    can I use cool whip cream instead of heavy whipping cream for frosting??


    No les entiendo but grettings!

  18. Matthew G says:

    Is milk a good substitution for heavy whipping cream? 

  19. HeyItsLupitaxox says:

    Its called a crumb coat, & I love this recipe!

  20. shaik nazneen says:

    substitute for sour cream….????

  21. Maria Keyn says:

    Love your recipes, thank you for sharing! 🙂 Greetings from Norway

  22. Shalini Rajor says:

    hey Guys…can u let me the replacement of Sour Cream ???

  23. rozanah4888 says:

    why is 2 people needed to do simple task?

  24. Piyush Gadegone says: