Chocolate Cake Filling Ideas

A super simple chocolate ganache recipe ! – Super simple and very fast !

What is ganache ? it’s a very delicious mix of heavy whipping cream and chocolate.

I’ll show you how easy it is to make ganache using 2 simple ingredients – rich whipping cream and dark chocolate. Ganache can be used for so many things, including icing of cakes, fillings for cakes, chocolate truffles etc.


  1. Is dark chocolate the same as bittersweet chocolate?

  2. Rachel West says:

    I sent a link to my friend and she thought u said whipped cream…she tried
    looking for heavy whipped cream for half an hour,,, lol XD

  3. نور الصباح says:


  4. Can I use a semi sweet chocolate chips instead?

  5. Can I use heavy cream substitute???!

  6. baby boogaloo says:

    if I don’t have heavy cream can I use Milk instead???

  7. Meghann Rivera says:

    Hi, can I use white chocolate?

  8. TheDayaAJ says:

    Can I use semi-sweet chocolate chip? And is there other way then heavy
    cream/whipping cream? :)

  9. Nandika Mishra says:

    How long do you need to leave it in the fridge for it to become thick
    enough to be used as icing?

  10. Nanorabi Orabi says:

    hi i made it & its wonderfull thank u 

  11. siddhesh passte says:

    nice can i use fresh cream and then whip it up!!

  12. Nadira Tatyana says:

    Can i use dark chocolate bar instead?

  13. Toh SooPing says:

    Is it ok if i have no cream just using the chocolate? 

  14. Tia Fatihah says:

    Can I use semi sweet or milk chocolate chips instead?

  15. Silik Lam says:

    What is the difference of whipping cream and heavy whipping cream ? None of
    them label 35%. I wonder the normal whipping cream is 35% ?

  16. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Shifa Khan Hi Shifa, there is no flour in this recipe. It’s chocolate and
    whipping cream. Try and find the recipe ( video ) and ask me there and I
    will try to help you. 

  17. Nicole Brenk says:

    can I use milk instead of heavy cream?

  18. Nimrod Robert says:

    I will put this ganache (as a layer) into my tiramisu. It’s suitable +
    BakeLikeAPro ? =)

  19. holaitserin says:

    You just got another subscription! This seems so simple- thank you so much.
    The recipe I first used was from a cupcake book and it said nothing about
    refrigerating it…in fact, it said to WHIP it! Weird right? Anyway, I’m
    definitely trying this out today/tomorrow…I have a bake sale I’m making
    cupcakes for! I’m sure these will be a big hit!
    Once again, thank you! And thank you for clarifying that heavy cream is
    whipping cream, I Googled what it was for Australia and there were multiple
    Have a nice day!

  20. Lynn Intan says:

    Hi.. is it possible if I pour a lil (a cup or less) of hot water into the
    whiped/heavy cream? As I do not have microwave or oven. :(

  21. TheElinora1 says:

    Thanks super, I definitely will try make Chocolat cake with yami cream 

  22. Agbdancer101 says:

    Could I use a heavy cream substitute? I don’t have heavy cream at the

  23. Jemade San Miguel says:

    Hello again 🙂

    Just finished making this. However my ganache won’t thicken and the
    consistency is not “pipepable”.

    Do you know why?

    Thank you!

  24. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Halima Bibi Fazal Hello, you must link your Youtube and Google Plus
    accounts together. At the moment, you cannot receive replies to your
    comments you have made on videos. ( There is no reply button available,
    because your account setup is incomplete ) That said, thanks for your kind
    words, I do appreciate them 🙂 You can melt your chocolate and add the
    cold cream if you wish, you may get lumps though, as the very cold cream
    will try and freeze the chocolate. You could leave the cream out on your
    counter so that it warms up, and then pour it in and whisk it together.
    Try it and see how it works for you. If it ends up too thick, you can
    place your bowl into the microwave and just gently heat it for maybe 15
    seconds to warm the entire chocolate and cream mixture. I hope this helps

  25. Moneeb Rafiq says:

    Nice it was cool I liked it and I tried it on the mini cake it was good
    (thumbs up for u )